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Enriching Community Living

The Power of Art in Affordable Housing

 Discover fresh approaches to selecting art in affordable housing communities that create more impactful and culturally rich environments. These principles can offer a range of benefits to residents, from enhancing the aesthetic appeal of their living spaces to creating a sense of community and belonging amongst the residents.

Mural by Cedric Michael Cox. Curated by

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Why This White Paper?

In affordable housing projects, the inclusion of art can significantly influence the psychological well-being of residents experiencing economic stress. Selecting art that mirrors the distinct cultural and historical narratives of the community not only strengthens communal ties but also instills a sense of pride among residents in their living space.

This white paper is a valuable resource for those seeking suitable art for affordable housing projects. It provides practical knowledge on how art can effectively contribute to the creation of spaces that are both inviting and engaging for residents.

A 14-story mural by Ryan Peltier. Curated by

Key Takeaways

Art for Enhanced Community Engagement: Discover how art can make affordable communities more engaging and memorable.

Art’s Psychological Impact: Learn about the psychological theories that explain how art can be used to influence the emotional well-being of residents and staff.

Eco-Responsibility and Art: Explore how sustainable art practices contribute to eco-friendly living environments.

Cultural Coding in Design: Understand the role of art in reflecting and celebrating diverse cultural identities, offering unique narratives that connect with residents.

Leveraging Art Consultancies: See how art consultancies like aid affordable housing developers in selecting art that balances aesthetic appeal with cultural and environmental considerations.

Who Should Read This?

  • Affordable Housing Developers
  • Architects specializing in residential and community projects
  • Art Consultants and Curators focused on residential spaces
  • Community Planners and Urban Developers
  • Social Impact and Community Engagement Specialists

All I See is You & I (2023) by ​Tony Whlgn for Neiman Marcus, Troy. Curated by

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