Burt Wolf had always wanted to be an artist but found early in his life that it was difficult to break into the art industry. Today’s landscape is very different. An increasingly connected world with online tools like Artrepreneur is making it easier than ever for visual artists to succeed. 

In this two-part series, we follow Burt as he becomes the fine artist he always wanted to be. We’ll talk with visual artists about how they have built successful creative careers in an online world, and creative leaders of education and business discuss the growing importance of creative leadership. And, we’ll see the power that visual art has in changing the world.

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Part 1.  Great Art Undiscovered

Burt travels through Europe and the United States looking at the history of great artists who were never appreciated during their lifetime. Vincent Van Gogh lived at the end of the 1800s and during his life sold one or two paintings. These days, a single work by Van Gogh goes for over $100 million dollars. Same for Van Gogh’s friend, Paul Gauguin. Ignored during his life, his works now sell for over $300 million a painting. Burt introduces viewers to Artrepreneur and shows artists how to sell their work on the site.

Part 2.  How to Sell Art You Create

Burt learns how painters, sculptures, photographers and other artists can use the internet to bring their work to the attention of the public. He traces the success of artists, in Europe and the United States and how they used the internet to gain access to the art market without being represented by a major gallery. He shows us how to use Artrepreneur to present our works and why the idea of being an unknown artist might be coming to an end.